1. The Country
    1. Country’s History in Brief
    2. Country data
    3. Economy
    4. World Bank- 2013 Uganda Enterprise survey
  2. Country context and prospects
    1. Political, Economic and Social Context
    2. Social Context and the Environment
    3. Strategic Options
  3. Unleashing Uganda’s Regional trade potential
    1. Recent Economic Developments and Economic Outlook
    2. Harnessing the potential in regional trade to help Uganda’s economy expand and diversify.
    3. Leveraging Opportunities in the Region and Beyond
    4. Building Bridges to Deepen Regional Trade
  4. ICT sector in Uganda
    1. Sector outlook
    2. ICT Market
    3. Sector analysis
    4. Telecom Regulatory Environment (TRE) assessment
    5. ICT and microfinance institutions
  5. Doing business in Uganda
    1. The business environment
    2. Starting a business
    3. Dealing with construction permits
    4. Getting electricity
    5. Registering property
    6. Getting credit
    7. Protecting minority investors
    8. Paying taxes
    9. Trading across borders
    10. Enforcing contracts
    11. Resolving insolvency
    12. Labor market regulation

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