1. Country profile
    1. History
    2. Geography
    3. Population
    4. Government
    5. Country’s infrastructure
    6. Transportation
    7. Economy
  2. G20 – Comprehensive growth strategy :KSA
      1. Economic Objectives
      2. Key Commitments
      1. Current and Future Growth Prospects
      2. Key Drivers
      3. Assessment of Obstacles and Challenges to Growth
      1. New Macroeconomic Policy Responses
      2. New Structural Policy Responses
  3. ICT sector
    1. Overview
      1. A large, emerging market
      2. Leaders in connectivity and ICT
      3. State of the art communications infrastructure
      4. Good reasons to invest
      5. The Saudi Arabian ICT market, the largest in the Middle East, will continue to grow at a strong pace
      6. Public sector
      7. Topics concerning investors
      8. Key Takeaways
      9. IDC opinion
  4. ICT sector IN Saudi Arabia (Global Competitiveness Forum)
    1. Global context on the ICT Sector
    2. Opportunities in the Saudi ICT sector
    3. Mobile telecommunication market
    4. Broadband market
    5. Internet service market
    6. Public and private sector initiatives in ICT
    7. Call to action
  1. ICT sector In Saudi Arabia (Global Competitiveness Forum)
    1. Overview of the ICT Market in Saudi Arabia
      1. ICT Spending in Saudi Arabia
      2. Key Technology Markets
      3. ICT Market Drivers and Inhibitors
    2. Introduction to mobility
      1. Mobility in Saudi ArabiaSelected
      2. Mobility Indicators
    3. Adoption of Mobility Products and Services in Saudi Arabia
      1. Consumer Adoption of Mobility Services
      2. Enterprise Adoption of Mobility Services
      3. Public Sector Adoption of Mobility Services
      4. Inhibitors to Adoption
      5. Summary and Future Outlook
    4. The Provision of Mobility Services in Saudi Arabia
      1. Global Trends: The Evolving Mobility Landscape
      2. The Saudi Mobility Ecosystem
      3. Supply-Side Developments in the Saudi Mobility Ecosystem
      4. Summary and Recommendations
    5. Enabling Mobility
      1. Networks and Devices
      2. Enterprise Mobility
      3. Content and Applications
      4. Security and Privacy
      5. Costs
      6. Summary and Future Outlook
  2. Saudi Arabia big projects (urban and water)
    1. Saudi Arabia leads the way in regional mega projects
      1. King Abdullah Economic City
      2. Future of Urban Transportation in Saudi Arabia
      3. Saudi Arabia possess world’s biggest strategic drinking water reservoir
  3. Doing Business in Saudi Arabia (World Bank edition)
    1. The business environment
    2. Starting a business
    3. Dealing with construction permits
    4. Getting Electricity
    5. Registering property
    6. Getting Credit
    7. Protecting minority investors
    8. Paying taxes
    9. Trading across borders
    10. Enforcing contracts
    11. Resolving insolvency
    12. Labor market regulation
  4. Bibliography