About Us!

PLM (UK) Ltd, established in 2013, in London, UK, is private owned company, member of the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expanding through an extended network of partners, associates and experts, in Cyprus and Greece.

PLM (UK) Ltd, works globally with its clients to improve their outward looking business performance combining advisory services and digital technologies and applications.

Hence PLM (UK) Ltd services and products include advisory support to export management including market research and studies as also e-promotion and e- representation platforms.

PLM (UK) Ltd consultants work together with clients to evaluate, justify, plan and deliver value added solutions.

PLM (UK) Ltd is member of THE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS NETWORΚ (TBSN) with members in UK, Greece and Cyprus  in business advisory, logistics and warehouse management and applications, digital marketing, and IT applications sectors as also the founders of the company.


ICT Development Studies

QR-Patrol at a glance

QR-Patrol is a Real Time guard monitoring system which skyrockets the efficiency of security companies and offers them the ability to upgrade their services via technology. In brief, QR-Patrol incorporates all the basic features of a smart guard tour system solution:

  •  Create and connect sites with checkpoints
  •  Receive SOS alerts and take immediate action
  •  Get e-mail notifications for missed, early or late passed checkpoints
  •  Send incidents reports to your clients or to the Monitoring Center
  •  Manage patrols remotely in real-time
  •  Verify guard tours online and check missed patrols
  • App for Lone Workers

    MyLoneWorkers is the smartest real-time and online system designed especially to help companies protect and monitor their lone workers leading to more efficient management in an innovative way.

    MyLoneWorkers is a pioneer monitoring system which incorporates 3 types of checkpoints: QR-code, NFC tags and Beacons.


    SpotyPal is a unique open tracking system. It helps users find their lost stuff or missing pets as well as easily send SOS-alerts in urgent situations.

    SpotyPal consists of a completely free of charge mobile (iOS and Android) and web application, where any user worldwide can log in and assign Bluetooth SpotyPal devices to almost anything that can be lost.

    The SpotyPal device is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) device, it is small, lightweight, has replaceable battery and is water resistant. It can be attached to anything, to the keys, bag, wallet, bike, camera, pet, etc.

    Power Up Spot®

    Power Up Spot® is the 1st professional, stand-alone charging solution with 100% personalization capability! Created to serve 3 different audiences, with one single product: public, venues and brands!

    Ideal for any professional space such as: bars, restaurants, hotels, conference and event halls, clinics and any venue where people enjoy products and services.

    It works efficiently as an innovative marketing tool, by promoting products and services in the desired places.